Weekly Diary: Fell off a Bike *warning Graphic Images*

So this week started off on Sunday as a fun day, church was amazing, then ate jollof rice and peppered chicken. Basically, it was a relaxed day. Fast forward to Monday, I planned to attend International Food and Drink Festival with my friend. We picked a time to meet up. Where I stay, bikes are [...]


Transitioning Tips from The Nigerian School System Into the American System – Adaora

Transitioning from the Nigerian school system to the American is a bitter sweet situation In some ways you see how much better it is than the Nigerian system and in other ways you wish some things here operated the way it did in your country. (Or my experience anyway) My name is Adaora and I [...]

Nigerian Dental School: Journey of a 500 Level Dental Student.

Hello everyone, hope we're having a good week. Thank you for the love in the previous post. Love y'all. Today, I'll be introducing something new which is centered around education, mostly in Nigeria. And have students share their experience plus guidelines and soon we'll have posts about getting an education outside the country and what [...]

Choosing To Be Happy Plus An Update

Long time, no post. I know, it's been a while. I want to give you guys a brief update for this blog and also share a little something. From Next week, a new section would be added to Life with Debbie. The new section is going to be based on meeting the needs (knowledge wise [...]

Healing from the pain

Hey there, how are you all doing? Long time no post ayy. School took most of my time and I had to face it squarely at that point. Wanted to share something a bit personal today, it might encourage someone. Enjoy the rest of the post. May-June was a turning point for me in so [...]

Doc Talk 2: Basic tips for Oral Hygiene

Hello everyone, how have you been? Yes, yes!! It's been a long while and I apologize. Today, we have another Doc Talk, and it'll be on oral Hygiene. We have a guest who is a Dentist by profession and he is Dr. Olugbade Azeez. He would be giving us basic tips for making your oral [...]

The Father’s Love

This is what I've been planning to post all month and here it is. Just a short post. Pray you're blessed and your hearts are open. I'm here to talk about the love of a father, I'm not talking about earthly fathers here. I'm talking about the God of all creations, who came in the [...]


January, Cervical Cancer Awareness month. Today, we have a doctor talk to us Ladies about cervical cancer on the blog. It answers the basic questions we might have, this is a post to share with the women around us, wife, sister and mother. Let them be aware, early detection is a way out. Enjoy the post loves.

How To Make 2018 an Amazing Year

Yay, 2018 is here. 2017 was a pretty fast year, some of us had New Year Resolutions and goals to achieve, while some didn't. I used to be someone that didn't care about having goals or writing it down, I just went with the flow which didn't help much. Beginning of last year, I wrote [...]

A Little Update and lesson

Hey there, sorry I've been MIA. Life happened both the good and bad. Bad being that my phone got spoilt and laptop crashed, so I couldn't post anything new and I lost all my pictures *sigh*. It was really sad but it's all good now. Don't have new ones yet but if you want to [...]