Friendship 2: Can Everyone Be Your Close Friend?

A while back, I shared a post on friendship and what I have learnt. Today I would be sharing a question I was asked sometime ago. Can Everyone Be Your Close Friend? Since primary school, I learnt that Close friendship shouldn't be a large circle. I learnt it the hard way and I still learnt [...]


15 weird Facts About Me

Today, I decided to share something a little different. And it's a tag I saw online, I just love doing these tags on my own but decided to share it with y'all. There are 15 questions which I would have to answer, now let's get to it. What is/are the nickname(s) only your family call(s) [...]


This is October, the breast cancer awareness month, this post is coming late but we still have 2 days left in the month. I and other bloggers from Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan have collaborated to raise awareness and educate the public on breast cancer targeting the Nigerians. All thanks to Larisa and Winifred for planning [...]

Can Procrastination Really be avoided?

*sigh* procrastination, the worst thing ever, maybe not. It stops you from accomplishing what you would have at a maybe shorter and less stressful time. I found myself procrastinating these past few months, it really affected my schedule and plans. I took it upon myself to be disciplined and try to get things done at [...]

Paris Bakery: Cravings Satisfied

Last week Monday, I finally visited Paris Bakery located at Ring Road, in Ibadan. My proper Ice Cream and cake cravings satisfied. Paris Bakery is not just for ice cream; pastries, cooked meals, burger, chips and pizza are also sold there. Chocolates are sold there too, I've been thinking of going there to buy a [...]

All about Books: My fav online audio library and stores

Reading has always been a part of my daily living. (I'm not talking about school books in this post) However, this past year and the beginning of this year, I've been behind on my reading schedule thanks to school and life :). That is no excuse because by the time I look at time wasted [...]

Take The First Step

We all have something we're passionate about, or a project we want to embark on but we're thinking about the limitations that could arise but forgetting the possibilities that would come. If we never even take the littlest of step to attain what we want, we might just stay on the same spot and not [...]

Weight Loss Journey (part 2): Changes I Had to MakeĀ 

If you want new and better results, a few changes have to be made. I had to tell myself that "if I keep going this way, I would lose control of my weight."  Early last year, I was working out in the gym but the weight was still increasing and I was still getting bigger. [...]

Weight Loss Journey (part 1) : Going From S/M to L/XL

Hey hey everyone, today I'm sharing something a little different as you can see from the title. I'm sharing my weight gain and weight loss journey. Now let's get in the business.  To some people, I looked alright (what they said, lol) but when I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that my [...]

The Love of God.

Earlier this week, I received a text message from a friend saying that "God loves you", he then went on and said "I know that you know, but know again." Sometimes, we know too much that we don't even know how Great this love is or just to big to hear it from another person. [...]