My Salvation Story

Hello everyone, so this isn't what I planned to put up but I just felt like Sharing this experience with you all. I would say I finally understood salvation on the 27th of December, 2013. Let's rewind a little before I go into the details. It was a somewhat crazy journey. Was raised in a [...]


USING FRESH COCONUT MILK. On the 25th of May, I posted a picture of the yummiest coconut rice I have ever eaten and I'm not exaggerating. People requesteted for the recipe and I was like sure I'll send it (it's been 2 weeks) and I know this post is long overdue and I apologize. No [...]


So, you're single and it's Valentine's day, now what? Live your life. Personally, I was never really excited about that day, maybe when I was younger but I can't really remember that day being so important to me. However, I know it's important to some of you readers and you might be the only one [...]

I’ll Pray for You…

Many times, a friend or a colleague shares an issue with you or maybe they just tell you to pray for them, our instant response is yes and most of the time genuine. I don't know if it's just me, but saying yes to praying for someone seems like a promise of some sort. We [...]

Living in The Moment

Long time no post!! I really think I should give that statement a break. Haha. Anyhoo, this year has been crazy year round. I'm exaggerating, the year is not over but so far. Both the good and bad, I can't say it's been a great year so far but it's been good. I've grown, made [...]

Weekly Diary: Fell off a Bike *warning Graphic Images*

So this week started off on Sunday as a fun day, church was amazing, then ate jollof rice and peppered chicken. Basically, it was a relaxed day. Fast forward to Monday, I planned to attend International Food and Drink Festival with my friend. We picked a time to meet up. Where I stay, bikes are [...]

Transitioning Tips from The Nigerian School System Into the American System – Adaora

Transitioning from the Nigerian school system to the American is a bitter sweet situation In some ways you see how much better it is than the Nigerian system and in other ways you wish some things here operated the way it did in your country. (Or my experience anyway) My name is Adaora and I [...]

Nigerian Dental School: Journey of a 500 Level Dental Student.

Hello everyone, hope we're having a good week. Thank you for the love in the previous post. Love y'all. Today, I'll be introducing something new which is centered around education, mostly in Nigeria. And have students share their experience plus guidelines and soon we'll have posts about getting an education outside the country and what [...]

Choosing To Be Happy Plus An Update

Long time, no post. I know, it's been a while. I want to give you guys a brief update for this blog and also share a little something. From Next week, a new section would be added to Life with Debbie. The new section is going to be based on meeting the needs (knowledge wise [...]